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Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA | Combining great taste & sensational fragrance

Bell at SNACKEX: Delivering solutions for the snacking industry – authentic seasonings based on taste and functionality.

Meet us at SNACKEX 2019 and discover our comprehensive portfolio of authentic snack seasonings and functional taste solutions for expanding your product portfolio and for developing successful market products in line with current consumer needs. Bell’s variety of unique snack seasonings delivers high quality taste solutions for a broad range of snacking products, including classic potato chips, extruded snacks and pellet snacks, as well vegetable or grain-based snacks and popcorn.

Latest developments presented at SNACKEX not only include regional favourites and street food varieties inspired by the Asian cuisine, Bell further shows a portfolio of snack seasonings focusing on the arising foodie culture and therefore addressing the consumers crave for experimentation.
With flavours continuously evolving in salty snacks, Bell also specialises in creating authentic taste experiences based on premium varieties, grilled meat notes as one of the most dynamic and sought-after flavour varieties, and creating new ideas for classic flavour profiles and seasonal variations. New taste combinations and sensory experiences are equally giving scope for Bell’s developments – i. e. via snack seasoning that are pairing perfectly with herbaceous Gin or by addressing the growing impact of superfoods on snacks – with a variety of sweet and salty superfood popcorn.
Get inspired by innovative street food varieties, indulgent premium seasonings and unique sensory experiences. If you are brave enough, try our deliciously seasoned insect snacks!

From June, 27th to June, 28th, visitors at Bell booth 412 will have the opportunity to meet up with a team of sales representatives, creation and marketing experts to discuss individual product needs for inspiring snack seasonings and functional taste solutions.


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